Rangers Raids in Karachi Continued..

PPP and MQM are two dominant parties in Karachi. In the past rangers operations have already affected key allies of both parties. Rangers poses serious threat to the status quo of both parties. As it is mentioned here. I think even if its hurting interests of major political players but for rest of the Karachiites its a breaking dawn as far as Rangers and its high official play fair.


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    Karachi has become a scary city because of the activities of these people. A cleansing operation as its going on now was a necessary step to take. I think that was the right decision to make.

    Before the operation there were headlines of target killing, plundering and terrorism in Karachi. Now when they have started, we only see headlines about how big criminals are captured and pushed behind bars.

    This might be disturbing existing state of the parties but to be honest it is proving best for the locals
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