CPEC Under Politics

CPEC is most revolutionizing investment in the history of Pakistan. Just like any other big project that was became victim of unnecessary politics, CPEC is on the same path. Some of us does not see its long term benefits and the strategic advantage it offers to this country but blindly say anything on the media.

Would they for God's sake stop for a moment and work together as one and wise nation for the success of this country. I stand by Saad Rafique who says introducing politics in CPEC would make another repeating story of Kalabagh Dam.


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  • loc
    I definitely agree with your views on the matter. But among our politicians some of it use it for their own personal benefits or benefits of a specific group.

    There comes the question of injustice and when there is injustice then other factors make its way.

    In opinion it is the responsibility of the governing party and other stakeholders to look at the good of the whole nation.
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