Supreme Court's Blame on NAB for being Corruption Facilitators

Can this be more ironic than this? The agency responsible for curbing corruption has become facilitator. Its like police is responsible for preventing crimes but they become crime facilitators. It means if I want to steal something, police would come and help me.

Thanks to Justice Ahmad Saeed for raising this issue and asking government to show its legal position.


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  • streetlight
    Yes you are right. NAB has been doing this for too long now. As happened in former Balochistan finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani, who returned some money in order to avoid going to Jail as he was proven guilty. What seems behind the curtain is that NAB officials easily gets persuaded when they are given some portion of the pie and a loaf is returned to public treasury and accused get away with huge corruption. News International has highlighted this issue and here is the link:
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